Drawing / Painting 1 & 2

IMG_6951Welcome to my Fall 2018 Blog!


Syllabus: Syllabus Drawing and Painting 1 & 2

Students and parents may always reach me through my Cobb County email. janet.suarez@cobbk12.org or through the Pebblebrook website under Cobb County Schools.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This class introduces drawing and painting techniques and a variety of drawing and painting media. The course also emphasizes development of drawing and painting skills and utilizes problem solving skills to achieve desired results.


MATERIALS NEEDED: Each student will need…

  1. One large sheet of Poster Board, for a PORTFOLIO to store art work.
  2. One MIXED MEDIA SKETCHBOOK ( size of choice 5″ x 8″, 9″ x 12″, 11″ x 14″ , to practice new concepts and techniques.
  3. Two regular #2 pencils or art pencils, example 2B, 4B, or 6B.
  4. Two BLACK pens for class for drawing and writing.


Wednesday – 1st Day of School (Introduction to Art)

Thursday – Introductions / Procedures / Studio Tour

Friday – Course description and supplies discussed.

Week 1 (8/6 – 8/10)

Monday – Begin on Sketchbook Covers.

Tuesday – Students use collage to cover the sketchbooks.

Wednesday – please include your name or initials.

Thursday – Included also –  Imagery of passion/interests.

Friday – Students finish cover design project.


 Week 2 (8/13 – 8/17)

Monday – Davis Drawing – Pretest.

Tuesday – Students learn how to draw a still life.

Wednesday – We continue drawing the still life project.

Thursday – Students reflect on process of work through writing.

Friday – Students learn procedures to turn in art work/projects.


Week 3 (8/20 – 8/24)

Monday – We begin with our Logo Design/portfolios.)

Tuesday – Thumbnail sketches due.

Wednesday – Preliminary drawings begin.Friday

Thursday– Preliminary drawings continue.

Friday – Transfer designs to poster-board.


Week 4 (8/27 – 8/31)

Monday – Poster-board, Still-Life, and Sketchbook Projects Due!

Monday – The 7 Design Elements Notes/Examples in sketchbook.

Tuesday – Finish Design Elements Notes/Examples in sketchbook.

Wednesday– Teacher demo watercolor techniques.

Thursday – Day One Exploring Watercolor techniques in sketchbook.

Friday – Students draw motif/designs in sketchbooks/add to watercolor paper.

Week 5 (9/3 – 9/7)

Monday – HOLIDAY

Tuesday – Today we paint the lightest tonal values with washes.

Wednesday – Students add medium tonal washes.

Thursday – Students add darker tonal values with layers of paint.

Friday – Students will adjust and refine paintings both tonally and details etc…



WEEK 6 (9/10 – 9/14)



Monday – We are finishing our final medium and dark tonal values on  the paintings.

Tuesday –  Students are writing their reflective papers on our process.

Wednesday – Students are to finish any work needed.

Thursday- Students will learn to present their work on a class blog.

Friday – We will photograph and upload the artwork.

WEEK 7 (9/17 – 9/21)

Monday – We finished/turned in the Design Principles/Art Blogs.

Tuesday – Students participated in a peer critique of our student work.

Wednesday -We begin our Emphasis Project with sketches.

Thursday – Students begin their preliminary drawings.

Friday – Students complete the preliminary designs.