Pebblebrook Art


Students check your student check-list and synergy for missing assignments.IMG_6951

Watercolor painting, exploring tonal value and analogous colors.




I am challenging the Pebblebrook ART STUDENTS to an art challenge. We would love to see what you have been working on this summer, Show me your art!

Just send me a digital to my email ( You can find this on our Pebblebrook website, go to departments, FINE ART, Suarez, and send me a digital as an attachment. Don’t forget to include your first name and the medium you used to create it, such as watercolor, graphite/pencil, etc…

What you haven’t created anything? You still have time, make something tomorrow or the next day. Sketches are good!

I am so excited to see all our fabulous students in the studio soon!


If you get time you should stop by the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art and see the Metro Montage Show. What a great Show!

Visual Arts Comprehensive (Mrs. Suarez)

Welcome to my Spring Studio-Art Blog. 

VA-Comp Students please bring one sheet of poster-board to class, a one subject spiral notebook, and a paper folder with pockets and prongs by Tuesday 1/16/2018. We will fold the poster-board to create a large portfolio to store your student art in throughout the semester.

*Students should always come prepared to class with pencil, pen, and notebook paper.*

Students and parents may always reach me through my Cobb County email. or through the Pebblebrook High School website under Cobb County Schools.


SCHOOL STARTS (1/4 – 1/5)

Thursday- 1st Day of School (Introduction to Art)

Friday- Introductions / Procedures / Studio Tour

Week 1 ( 1/8 – 8/12)


(We will  begin with our Logo Designs/portfolios.)

Tuesday- Logo sketches due.

Wednesday- Preliminary drawings begin.Friday

Thursday- Preliminary drawings continue.

Friday- Transfer designs to posterboard.

Week 2 (1/15- 19)


Tuesday- Ink/Color Logos (DUE)

Wednesday- Snow Day

Thursday- Snow Day

Friday- Davis Drawing


Week 3 (1/22-1/26)

Monday- Design Elements Foldable

Tuesday- Complete Design Elements

Wednesday- Contour Line Exercise

Thursday- Begin Contour Line-Zentangle sketches

Friday- Complete sketches


Week 4 (1/29-2/2)

Monday- Begin preliminary sketches

Tuesday-Continue preliminary skecthes

Wednesday- Pattern exercises

Thursday- Begin adding pattern to the designs

Friday- Continue with pattern

Week 5 (2/5-2/9)

Monday- Finish pattern/

Tuesday- Reflective writing and paperwork.

Wednesday- Introduce shading exercise.

Thursday- 1pt. Perspective Box/Exercise.

Friday- Introduce Surrealism/Fantasy Landscape.


Week 6 (2/12-2/16)

Monday- Students begin sketches for their Surrealism landscape.

Tuesday- Students begin drawing the preliminary sketches.

Wednesday-  We continue with the preliminary sketches.

Thursday- Students complete preliminary drawings.

Friday_ We begin transferring our designs.

Week (2/19-2/23, WINTER HOLIDAY BREAK)


 Week 7 (2/26-2/2)

Monday- Students transfer, ink, shade, and color their landscapes.

Tuesday- Students transfer, ink, shade, and color their landscapes.

Wednesday- Students complete their Surrealism/Fantasy landscapes.

Thursday- Project due, reflective paper due, begin Egyptian Art reading/notes.

Friday- Introduce Egyptian Art and Clay project, draw sketches for designs.


Week 8 (3/5-3/9)

Monday- We begin rolling out the clay for our Egyptian Cartouche.

Tuesday- Students add the hieroglyphics to their clay cartouche.

Wednesday- Introduce Color theory Reading/notes.

Thursday- Introduce Color-wheel project.

Friday-Students begin sketches of their designs.


Week 9 (3/12-16)

Monday- Students  create designs for color-wheels.

Tuesday- We complete the preliminary drawings.

Wednesday- Students transfer designs/teacher demo painting techniques.

Thursday- Painting of color-wheels begin.

Friday- Painting continues.

Week 10 ( 3/19-23)

Monday- Students complete the painting project.

Tuesday- finish painting color-wheels/begin painting clay cartouche.

Wednesday- Continue painting clay project.

Thursday- finish all painting.

Friday- Write reflective papers and turn in all paperwork for projects.

Wow! Pebblebrook High School student Cristian L. was awarded “BEST IN SHOW”, in the Georgia High School Ceramic Exhibition and Symposium.


PHS Students had a great time learning to fire Raku pottery, make ceramic tools, and  several other workshops at The University of West Georgia. This is where the “2017 Georgia High School Ceramic Symposium and Exhibition”, was held this year. Thank you for such at great experience!


Raku Firing Techniques at University of West Georgia


PHS Students participate in the Extruder Workshop.

IMG_8331 - Copy

PHS Students making ceramic tools.


Another clay project made a the Symposium.



Welcome to Mrs. Suarez’s Art Blog.

I am so proud of my Ceramic students at Pebblebrook High School! We entered the 2017, Georgia High School Ceramic Symposium and Exhibition and had several pieces accepted. Congratulations Sarahi and Christian!


Sarahi’s Ceramic Lantern.                             Christian’s Ceramic Dragon Teapot.

CL-2a-2 - Copy.JPG

Christian’s Glass and Ceramic Platter.

Weekly Projects-VA Comp.

Welcome to Second Semester at Mrs. Suarez’s Art Blog

Comp Syllabus Spring_2016 Suarez

Week 1 ( 1/5-1/8)

Monday- All art students will need Pen, pencil, a folder and paper for class.

Tuesday- Introduction to art.

Wednesday- Student Introductions and studio tour.

Thursday- Student logo designs

Friday- Transfer logo designs to portfolios.

Week 2 ( 1/11- 1/15)

Monday- Students continue creating logo designs.

Tuesday- Students complete logo designs.

Wednesday- Introduction of Design Elements, the language of art.

Thursday- Students create a Design Elements fold-able.

Friday- Pretest

Week 3 (1/18 – 1/22)

Monday- Holiday.

Tuesday- Students finish Design Fold-able.

Wednesday- Students create a sketchbook.

Thursday- Introduce contour line, the first design element and sketching.

Friday- Introduction of the cave art and contour line and Zentangle Project.

Week 4 (1/25 – 1/29)

Monday- Students start their preliminary sketches.

Tuesday- We continue refining our designs for the contour projects.

Wednesday- Today students should be ready to start the larger drawing.

Thursday- Finalize drawings and begin tracing to the final paper.

Friday- Students begin inking in the final design.

Week 5 (2/1 – 2/5)

Monday- We will continue with our Contour Line Projects.

Tuesday- Students are transferring designs to their final paper.

Wednesday- Students ink in the designs using a variety of line weight.

Thursday- We put the final touches on this fabulous project.

Friday- Today we Introduce the element of value and shading.

Week 6 (2/8 – 2/12)

Monday- We learned how to draw one point perspective today.

Tuesday- students learned how to shade using tonal value.

Wednesday- The students were introduced to Surrealism Art and Salvador Dali.

Thursday- Students begin their sketches for a drawing using surrealism.

Friday- Students continue with their surrealism sketches.

Week (2/15 – 2/21) Holiday

Week 7 (2/22- 2/26)

Monday- Students transfer their sketches to the preliminary paper.

Tuesday- Continue with Surrealism Project.

Wednesday- They complete the preliminary drawings.

Thursday- Students transfer to the final drawing.

Friday- We complete our drawings, write our reflective writing, and critique our projects.

Week 8 ( 2/29-3/4 )

Monday- Students turned in their Surrealism Drawing and reflective writing today.

Tuesday- We begin our unit on Egyptian art, clay, and color.

Wednesday- Students start  working on their clay cartouche.

Thursday- We continue with the designs for our hieroglyphics.

Friday- Students complete their clay projects and reflective writing.

Week 9 ( 3/ 7 – 3/11 )

 Monday- We begin our unit on color theory this week.

Tuesday- Students will start their sketches today.

Wednesday- We finished drawing out our preliminary sketches.

Thursday- Students will transfer their designs to the final paper.

Friday- Teacher demonstrates mixing and painting techniques.

Week 10 ( 3/14 – 3/18 )

Monday- Students begin painting, starting with the primary colors.

Tuesday- We continue with the color wheel and mixing secondary colors.

Wednesday- Students will finish the color wheel and the intermediate colors.

Thursday- We will begin painting our clay cartouche pieces.

Friday- Students will finish all painting, reflective writing, and grade sheets.

Week 11 ( March 3/21-3/25 )

Monday- Students finished painting our colorwheel and clay projects. We also took our quiz on art terminology.

Tuesday-Students started a new unit on Greek Art, reading the chapter on Greek art and architecture and recording main points.

Wednesday-Today students begin research and sketches for their Greek Art / scratch art projects.

Thursday-Students start their preliminary drawings.

Friday- We will transfer the designs to the scratch board.

Week 12 ( March 3/28-4/1 )

Monday- We begin working on our scratch art designs.

Tuesday- Students continue with the outlines of their designs.

Wednesday-Students vary their line by including variety and direction.

Thursday- Today we began to remove shapes in addition to line.

Friday- Students finish adding details to their art work.

Week 13- ( April 4/11-4/15 )

Monday- Students read and create a visual journal about Medieval Art.

Tuesday- Students create three possible designs for their Illuminated letter.

Wednesday- We begin enlarging our designs and transfer drawings.

Thursday- Students add a combination of geometric and organic elements.

Friday- We will finish our Illuminated Letters today.

Week 14- April 4/18- 4/22 )

Monday- We continue with our Illuminated Letters. They look great!

Tuesday- Last day to work on the Illuminated Letters.

Wednesday- Students begin the Design Principles Exercise.

Thursday- Today students will finish the Design Principles Exercise.

Friday- Due to changing of the chairs we will have an Art Ketchup Day.

Week 15 ( 4/25 – 4/29 )

Monday- We began a new unit today NON-WESTERN ART

Tuesday- Students watched a demonstration on watercolor painting techniques.

Wednesday-Today students paint their Japanese Watercolor Landscapes.

Thursday- Students will began Chinese pastel paintings.

Friday- Students will finish their Chinese pastel paintings.

Week 16 ( 5/2 – 5/6 )

Monday- Students will read about African Art and Cultural Masks.


Tuesday- We will start our 3D cultural masks.

Wednesday- Students will began building the armature.

Thursday- Today we will attach horns, ears, etc.

Friday- Students will began to layer their mask with wheat paste.

Fall Semester 2015

Week 17 (12/7-12/11)

Monday- We will continue designing our Religious Art/Illuminated letters.

Tuesday- Students will apply the wax resist color and fill in all areas.

Wednesday-The students will refine their artwork and apply the wash.

Thursday- Our last project is an introduction to watercolor painting.

Friday-Students will continue with their watercolor exploration.

Week 16 (11/30-12/4)

Monday- Students finish the Non-objective  Art and summarize what they have learned in their reflective writing.

Tuesday- Introduction to Religious Art and Illuminated Letters/ SLO Testing.

Wednesday- Students create three process drawings to select their best designs.

Thursday- Students enlarge their Illuminated Letters.

Friday- Students apply wax resist colors and wash/SLO Testing.

Week 15 (11/16-11/20)

Monday- We are learning about Non-Objective Art.

Tuesday- Students create designs.

Wednesday- Designs are worked out to create interesting compositions.

Thursday- Students transfer designs to their final paper, adding color.

Friday- Students finish working and summarize what they have learned in their reflective writing.

Week 14 (11/09- 11/13)


Monday- We created color wheels for a color theory unit.

Tuesday- Students create their designs for their color wheels.

Wednesday- Today we begin mixing colors.

Thursday- Students continue working on the color wheels.

Friday- Students will finish their color wheels and critique/reflect on their art work.

Week 13 (11/02-11/06)

Monday- Students are learning about Egyptian Culture/Art and Clay.

Tuesday- We create a clay cartouche.

Wednesday- Students are refining their designs.

Thursday- We are adding details and smoothing the clay.

Friday- Students refine and finish details.

Week 12 (10/26- 30)

Monday- We are starting our Color Theory Unit this week.

Tuesday- Students explore designs for their color wheel project.

Wednesday- Students select best design and begin final drawing.

Thursday- Teacher led demo mixing paints and use of materials.

Friday- We continue exploring color and paint with our color wheels.


Week 11 (10/19-10/23)

Monday- Critique our Autobiographical Comics Due!

Tuesday- Introduce Egyptian Art and Clay Cartouche.

Wednesday- Students create designs for Egyptian clay cartouche.

Thursday- Students begin building clay slab cartouches.

Friday- Students complete Egyptian Clay Cartouches.

Week 10 (10/12-10/16

Monday- Continue with our Autobiographical Comics.

Tuesday- Make edits to story line and images.

Wednesday- Rough drafts due.

Thursday- Transfer designs.

Friday- Ink final designs / Project Due!

Week 9 (10/5-10/9)

Monday– Introduce gesture drawing exercises

Tuesday-Develop characters and story for our Autobiographical Comic

Wednesday–  Continue Autobiographical Comic

Thursday-Edit stories and visual designs.

Friday– Refine positive/negative space.

 Week 8 (9/28-10/2)

Monday- Finish Surrealism Assignment

Tuesday- Intro Art Careers/Illustration/Animation

Wednesday- Art Careers/Illustration/Animation

Thursday- Art Careers/Illustration/Animation

Friday- Art Careers/Illustration/Animation

Week 7 (9/14-9/18)

Monday- Surrealism Continue

Tuesday- Surrealism project continue

Wednesday- Continue Surrealism

Thursday- Surrealism Continue

Friday- Surrealism Continue


Week 6 (9/8-9/11)

Monday- Holiday (Labor Day)

Tuesday- Intro Perspective PPT/Surrealism Assignment

Wednesday- 1 Pt/2Pt Perspective Exercises

Thursday- Start Surrealism Assignment

Friday- Continue Surrealism Assignment


Week 5 (8/31-9/4

Monday- Design Elements Booklet

Tuesday- Design Elements Group Projects

Wednesday- Continue Design Element Group Projects

Thursday- Presentation of Group Projects

Friday- Critique Group Projects


Week 4 (8/24-8/28)

Monday- Venus of Willendorf PPT/Finish Value Exercises

Tuesday- Demo Book Making/make sketchbooks

Wednesday- SLO Testing

Thursday- SLO Testing

Friday- Design Sketchbooks


Week 3 (8/17-8/21)

Monday- Continue working on Contour Line Project

Tuesday- Continue Contour Line Project

Wednesday- Continue Contour Line

Thursday- Critique Contour Line Assignment

Friday- Value Demo/Exercise


Week 2 (8/10- 8/14)

Monday- Portfolio Design

Tuesday- Continue Portfolio Design

Wednesday- PPT on Prehistoric Art

Thursday- Introduction/Demo to Contour line

Friday- Begin Contour line Project

Week 1 (8/3- 8/7)

Monday- Intro to Art

Tuesday- What is Art?

Wednesday- Graffiti Art

Thursday- Logo Design Project

Friday- Continue Logo Design