VA Comprehensive, Spring 2017

Course Description: Introduces art history, criticism & studio production. It emphasizes the ability to understand & use the elements of art & principles of design through a variety of media processes and resources.

Syllabus: syllabus_Suarez_VA Comp._2017-2018 CLICK HERE

Students and parents may always reach me through my Cobb County email. or through the Pebblebrook website under Cobb County Schools.


Welcome to my Spring Studio-Art Blog. 

VA-Comp Students please bring one sheet of poster-board to class, a one subject spiral notebook, and a paper folder with pockets and prongs by Tuesday 1/16/2018. We will fold the poster-board to create a large portfolio to store your student art in throughout the semester.

*Students should always come prepared to class with pencil, pen, and notebook paper.*


SCHOOL STARTS (1/4 – 1/5)

Thursday- 1st Day of School (Introduction to Art)

Friday- Introductions / Procedures / Studio Tour

Contour Line Project

Week 1 ( 1/8 – 8/12)


(We will  begin with our Logo Designs/portfolios.)

Tuesday- Logo sketches due.

Wednesday- Preliminary drawings begin.Friday

Thursday- Preliminary drawings continue.

Friday- Transfer designs to posterboard.

Week 2 (1/15- 19)


Tuesday- Ink/Color Logos (DUE)

Wednesday- Snow Day

Thursday- Snow Day

Friday- Davis Drawing


Week 3 (1/22-1/26)

Monday- Design Elements Foldable

Tuesday- Complete Design Elements

Wednesday- Contour Line Exercise

Thursday- Begin Contour Line-Zentangle sketches

Friday- Complete sketches

Week 4 (1/29-2/2)

Monday- Begin preliminary sketches

Tuesday-Continue preliminary skecthes

Wednesday- Pattern exercises

Thursday- Begin adding pattern to the designs

Friday- Continue with pattern


Week 5 (2/5-2/9)

Monday- Continue adding pattern.

Tuesday- Finish pattern.

Wednesday- Add line weight.

Thursday- Complete details.

Friday- Reflective writing and paperwork.


Week 6 ( 2 / 12  –  2 / 16 )

Monday – Students will begin their Surrealism and linear perspective project. Beginning with reading and questions about the Surrealism Art movement and sketches.

Tuesday – Teacher demonstration learning to draw Linear Perspective and Space.

Wednesday – We will finish the perspective exercises in class.

Thursday – Today teacher demonstration on shading geometric shapes with pencils to show value and form.

Friday – Students learn shading and value – exercise worksheet.


Week 7 ( 2 / 26 – 3/2 )

Monday – Students were to finish research and Surrealism sketches over the weekend.

Tuesday – Students finish small sketches to solve design options.

Wednesday –  Today we begin the large rough draft.

Wednesday – Students will finalize rough draft.

Thursday – Today we transfer to the final draft and begin shading with pencil or ink.

Friday – Last day for students to shade final copy.


Week 8 ( 3/5 – 3/9 )

Monday – Last day to work on the Surrealism project in class.

Tuesday – Surrealism project and reflective writing due at the beginning of class.

Wednesday – Introduction to Cave Art and Egyptian Art.

Thursday – We begin our sketches for our project.

Friday – We will begin our clay cartouche project.Rolling out clay base.


Week 9 ( 3/12 – 3/16 )

Monday- Students will add their hieroglyphics.

Tuesday- Students will refine and finish their projects.

Wednesday- Students make sketchbooks day 1.

Thursday- Day 2 of sketchbooks.

Friday- Students have a art ketchup day.


Week 10 ( 3 / 19 – 3 / 23 )

Monday- We begin our unit on color theory this week.

Tuesday- Students will start their sketches today.

Wednesday- Sketches continued.

Thursday- Continue with sketching design.

Friday- Add twelve sections and four values for each hue.

Week 11 ( 3/ 11 – 3 / 30 )

Monday – Preliminary sketches are due at the beginning of class! 

****Teacher Demonstration for painting project/Transfer and paint***

Tuesday – All students should be painting.

Wednesday – Students will continue to paint.

Thursday – Students will complete their reflective papers

Friday – Students will create a Design Principles Foldable.


Week 12 ( 4 / 9 – 4 / 13 )


Monday –Students will continue the color wheel.

Tuesday – Students finish the color wheel painting and out-line with sharpie.

Wednesday – We will begin painting our Egyptian clay cartouche pieces.

Thursday – Last day to finish painting clay / color wheel.

Friday – Students will finish all painting, reflective writing, and grade sheets.


Week 13 ( 4 / 16 – 4 / 20 )

Monday – Introduce Religious Art and the Illuminated Letter.

Tuesday – Drawing demonstration, Sketches, and Preliminary drawings.

Wednesday – Transfer to final paper and color.

Thursday – Continue Coloring

Friday – Continue coloring


Week 14 (4/23 – 4/27)

Monday- Final day to complete Medieval Art.

Tuesday- Students complete grade-sheets/reflective papers.

Wednesday- Students learn about the Design Principles.

Thursday- Students complete a Design Principles Foldable.

Friday- Today students are introduced to Cultural Mask.

Week 15 (4/30 – 5/4)

Monday- ***MASK ARE DUE***We cut masks and begin.

Tuesday- Students add features and attach structural parts.

Wednesday- We begin adding paper strips.

Thursday- Day two paper strips.

Friday- Day one of painting background color.

Weeks 16 (4/30- 5/4)

Monday- Day two painting details eyes, pattern, etc…

Tuesday- Students complete project and reflective paper.

Wednesday- Today we begin Non-Western Japanese Watercolor Painting,

with teacher demo of watercolor techniques exercise.

Thursday- Students practice painting lines with a brush.

Friday- Students paint their final tree designs.

Week 17 (5/14- 5/18)

Monday- Students complete tree paintings/reflective papers.

Tuesday- Introduction to Non-objective Art.

Wednesday- Students begin watercolor washes.

Thursday- We begin outlining variations lines on our non-objective art.

Friday- Students finish artwork/reflective writing and paperwork .

Week 18 (5/21- 5/23)

Monday- Students complete Study guide.


Wednesday- FINAL EXAMS







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