Visual Arts Comprehensive (Mrs. Suarez)

Welcome to my Spring Studio-Art Blog. 

VA-Comp Students please bring one sheet of poster-board to class, a one subject spiral notebook, and a paper folder with pockets and prongs by Tuesday 1/16/2018. We will fold the poster-board to create a large portfolio to store your student art in throughout the semester.

*Students should always come prepared to class with pencil, pen, and notebook paper.*

Students and parents may always reach me through my Cobb County email. or through the Pebblebrook High School website under Cobb County Schools.


SCHOOL STARTS (1/4 – 1/5)

Thursday- 1st Day of School (Introduction to Art)

Friday- Introductions / Procedures / Studio Tour

Week 1 ( 1/8 – 8/12)


(We will  begin with our Logo Designs/portfolios.)

Tuesday- Logo sketches due.

Wednesday- Preliminary drawings begin.Friday

Thursday- Preliminary drawings continue.

Friday- Transfer designs to posterboard.

Week 2 (1/15- 19)


Tuesday- Ink/Color Logos (DUE)

Wednesday- Snow Day

Thursday- Snow Day

Friday- Davis Drawing

Week 3 (1/22-1/26)

Monday- Design Elements Foldable

Tuesday- Complete Design Elements

Wednesday- Contour Line Exercise

Thursday- Begin Contour Line-Zentangle sketches

Friday- Complete sketches

Week 4 (1/29-2/2)

Monday- Begin preliminary sketches

Tuesday-Continue preliminary skecthes

Wednesday- Pattern exercises

Thursday- Begin adding pattern to the designs

Friday- Continue with pattern

Week 5 (2/5-2/9)

Monday- Continue adding pattern.

Tuesday- Finish pattern.

Wednesday- Add line weight.

Thursday- Complete details.

Friday- Reflective writing and paperwork.


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