Weekly Projects-VA Comp.

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Comp Syllabus Spring_2016 Suarez

Week 1 ( 1/5-1/8)

Monday- All art students will need Pen, pencil, a folder and paper for class.

Tuesday- Introduction to art.

Wednesday- Student Introductions and studio tour.

Thursday- Student logo designs

Friday- Transfer logo designs to portfolios.

Week 2 ( 1/11- 1/15)

Monday- Students continue creating logo designs.

Tuesday- Students complete logo designs.

Wednesday- Introduction of Design Elements, the language of art.

Thursday- Students create a Design Elements fold-able.

Friday- Pretest

Week 3 (1/18 – 1/22)

Monday- Holiday.

Tuesday- Students finish Design Fold-able.

Wednesday- Students create a sketchbook.

Thursday- Introduce contour line, the first design element and sketching.

Friday- Introduction of the cave art and contour line and Zentangle Project.

Week 4 (1/25 – 1/29)

Monday- Students start their preliminary sketches.

Tuesday- We continue refining our designs for the contour projects.

Wednesday- Today students should be ready to start the larger drawing.

Thursday- Finalize drawings and begin tracing to the final paper.

Friday- Students begin inking in the final design.

Week 5 (2/1 – 2/5)

Monday- We will continue with our Contour Line Projects.

Tuesday- Students are transferring designs to their final paper.

Wednesday- Students ink in the designs using a variety of line weight.

Thursday- We put the final touches on this fabulous project.

Friday- Today we Introduce the element of value and shading.

Week 6 (2/8 – 2/12)

Monday- We learned how to draw one point perspective today.

Tuesday- students learned how to shade using tonal value.

Wednesday- The students were introduced to Surrealism Art and Salvador Dali.

Thursday- Students begin their sketches for a drawing using surrealism.

Friday- Students continue with their surrealism sketches.

Week (2/15 – 2/21) Holiday

Week 7 (2/22- 2/26)

Monday- Students transfer their sketches to the preliminary paper.

Tuesday- Continue with Surrealism Project.

Wednesday- They complete the preliminary drawings.

Thursday- Students transfer to the final drawing.

Friday- We complete our drawings, write our reflective writing, and critique our projects.

Week 8 ( 2/29-3/4 )

Monday- Students turned in their Surrealism Drawing and reflective writing today.

Tuesday- We begin our unit on Egyptian art, clay, and color.

Wednesday- Students start  working on their clay cartouche.

Thursday- We continue with the designs for our hieroglyphics.

Friday- Students complete their clay projects and reflective writing.

Week 9 ( 3/ 7 – 3/11 )

 Monday- We begin our unit on color theory this week.

Tuesday- Students will start their sketches today.

Wednesday- We finished drawing out our preliminary sketches.

Thursday- Students will transfer their designs to the final paper.

Friday- Teacher demonstrates mixing and painting techniques.

Week 10 ( 3/14 – 3/18 )

Monday- Students begin painting, starting with the primary colors.

Tuesday- We continue with the color wheel and mixing secondary colors.

Wednesday- Students will finish the color wheel and the intermediate colors.

Thursday- We will begin painting our clay cartouche pieces.

Friday- Students will finish all painting, reflective writing, and grade sheets.

Week 11 ( March 3/21-3/25 )

Monday- Students finished painting our colorwheel and clay projects. We also took our quiz on art terminology.

Tuesday-Students started a new unit on Greek Art, reading the chapter on Greek art and architecture and recording main points.

Wednesday-Today students begin research and sketches for their Greek Art / scratch art projects.

Thursday-Students start their preliminary drawings.

Friday- We will transfer the designs to the scratch board.

Week 12 ( March 3/28-4/1 )

Monday- We begin working on our scratch art designs.

Tuesday- Students continue with the outlines of their designs.

Wednesday-Students vary their line by including variety and direction.

Thursday- Today we began to remove shapes in addition to line.

Friday- Students finish adding details to their art work.

Week 13- ( April 4/11-4/15 )

Monday- Students read and create a visual journal about Medieval Art.

Tuesday- Students create three possible designs for their Illuminated letter.

Wednesday- We begin enlarging our designs and transfer drawings.

Thursday- Students add a combination of geometric and organic elements.

Friday- We will finish our Illuminated Letters today.

Week 14- April 4/18- 4/22 )

Monday- We continue with our Illuminated Letters. They look great!

Tuesday- Last day to work on the Illuminated Letters.

Wednesday- Students begin the Design Principles Exercise.

Thursday- Today students will finish the Design Principles Exercise.

Friday- Due to changing of the chairs we will have an Art Ketchup Day.

Week 15 ( 4/25 – 4/29 )

Monday- We began a new unit today NON-WESTERN ART

Tuesday- Students watched a demonstration on watercolor painting techniques.

Wednesday-Today students paint their Japanese Watercolor Landscapes.

Thursday- Students will began Chinese pastel paintings.

Friday- Students will finish their Chinese pastel paintings.

Week 16 ( 5/2 – 5/6 )

Monday- Students will read about African Art and Cultural Masks.


Tuesday- We will start our 3D cultural masks.

Wednesday- Students will began building the armature.

Thursday- Today we will attach horns, ears, etc.

Friday- Students will began to layer their mask with wheat paste.

Fall Semester 2015

Week 17 (12/7-12/11)

Monday- We will continue designing our Religious Art/Illuminated letters.

Tuesday- Students will apply the wax resist color and fill in all areas.

Wednesday-The students will refine their artwork and apply the wash.

Thursday- Our last project is an introduction to watercolor painting.

Friday-Students will continue with their watercolor exploration.

Week 16 (11/30-12/4)

Monday- Students finish the Non-objective  Art and summarize what they have learned in their reflective writing.

Tuesday- Introduction to Religious Art and Illuminated Letters/ SLO Testing.

Wednesday- Students create three process drawings to select their best designs.

Thursday- Students enlarge their Illuminated Letters.

Friday- Students apply wax resist colors and wash/SLO Testing.

Week 15 (11/16-11/20)

Monday- We are learning about Non-Objective Art.

Tuesday- Students create designs.

Wednesday- Designs are worked out to create interesting compositions.

Thursday- Students transfer designs to their final paper, adding color.

Friday- Students finish working and summarize what they have learned in their reflective writing.

Week 14 (11/09- 11/13)


Monday- We created color wheels for a color theory unit.

Tuesday- Students create their designs for their color wheels.

Wednesday- Today we begin mixing colors.

Thursday- Students continue working on the color wheels.

Friday- Students will finish their color wheels and critique/reflect on their art work.

Week 13 (11/02-11/06)

Monday- Students are learning about Egyptian Culture/Art and Clay.

Tuesday- We create a clay cartouche.

Wednesday- Students are refining their designs.

Thursday- We are adding details and smoothing the clay.

Friday- Students refine and finish details.

Week 12 (10/26- 30)

Monday- We are starting our Color Theory Unit this week.

Tuesday- Students explore designs for their color wheel project.

Wednesday- Students select best design and begin final drawing.

Thursday- Teacher led demo mixing paints and use of materials.

Friday- We continue exploring color and paint with our color wheels.


Week 11 (10/19-10/23)

Monday- Critique our Autobiographical Comics Due!

Tuesday- Introduce Egyptian Art and Clay Cartouche.

Wednesday- Students create designs for Egyptian clay cartouche.

Thursday- Students begin building clay slab cartouches.

Friday- Students complete Egyptian Clay Cartouches.

Week 10 (10/12-10/16

Monday- Continue with our Autobiographical Comics.

Tuesday- Make edits to story line and images.

Wednesday- Rough drafts due.

Thursday- Transfer designs.

Friday- Ink final designs / Project Due!

Week 9 (10/5-10/9)

Monday– Introduce gesture drawing exercises

Tuesday-Develop characters and story for our Autobiographical Comic

Wednesday–  Continue Autobiographical Comic

Thursday-Edit stories and visual designs.

Friday– Refine positive/negative space.

 Week 8 (9/28-10/2)

Monday- Finish Surrealism Assignment

Tuesday- Intro Art Careers/Illustration/Animation

Wednesday- Art Careers/Illustration/Animation

Thursday- Art Careers/Illustration/Animation

Friday- Art Careers/Illustration/Animation

Week 7 (9/14-9/18)

Monday- Surrealism Continue

Tuesday- Surrealism project continue

Wednesday- Continue Surrealism

Thursday- Surrealism Continue

Friday- Surrealism Continue


Week 6 (9/8-9/11)

Monday- Holiday (Labor Day)

Tuesday- Intro Perspective PPT/Surrealism Assignment

Wednesday- 1 Pt/2Pt Perspective Exercises

Thursday- Start Surrealism Assignment

Friday- Continue Surrealism Assignment


Week 5 (8/31-9/4

Monday- Design Elements Booklet

Tuesday- Design Elements Group Projects

Wednesday- Continue Design Element Group Projects

Thursday- Presentation of Group Projects

Friday- Critique Group Projects


Week 4 (8/24-8/28)

Monday- Venus of Willendorf PPT/Finish Value Exercises

Tuesday- Demo Book Making/make sketchbooks

Wednesday- SLO Testing

Thursday- SLO Testing

Friday- Design Sketchbooks


Week 3 (8/17-8/21)

Monday- Continue working on Contour Line Project

Tuesday- Continue Contour Line Project

Wednesday- Continue Contour Line

Thursday- Critique Contour Line Assignment

Friday- Value Demo/Exercise


Week 2 (8/10- 8/14)

Monday- Portfolio Design

Tuesday- Continue Portfolio Design

Wednesday- PPT on Prehistoric Art

Thursday- Introduction/Demo to Contour line

Friday- Begin Contour line Project

Week 1 (8/3- 8/7)

Monday- Intro to Art

Tuesday- What is Art?

Wednesday- Graffiti Art

Thursday- Logo Design Project

Friday- Continue Logo Design